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Trail Kalarrytes – Syrrako

Kalarrytes and Syrrako traditional settlements

Kalarrytes and Syrrako are proclaimed traditional settlements. They are situated on a slope of Mount Lakmos, southeast of the prefecture of Ioannina, at an altitude of 1,150 meters. The two villages [almost uninhabited during the winter months] stand proudly over the ravine.  The torrent of Chrousia  sets the boundary. Chrousia torrent is considered tributary of Kalarrytikos, which, in turn, is tributary of Arachthos river. 

trail kallarytes syrrako 2From the beginning we are overwhelmed by the structure. It is a  type of residential arrangement [something similar is also happening in the region of Zagori]. Both villages are of equal size and follow the same Epirus architecture. They also placed at the same altitude . As a result, an impression that they are twin settlements is given.

Trail Kalarrytes Syrrako

The two settlements are connected with a beautiful path, which crosses the gorge between them. The cobbled path after the carving of the rock is of particular interest .

There is no particular difficulty, however, you should be careful when crossing it during a rainfall. You will need about 45-60 minutes to get from one village to another. In fact [wherever you start] the path is a downhill and a hill. From the altitude of 1,150 meters you descend to the altitude of 950 meters where you pass over a small iron bridge over Chrusia torrent and then climb back to the altitude of 1,150 meters.

 Ioannina is 52 km away from village of Syrrako and 58 km from Kalarrytes. Access from one village to the other requires the completion of a nearly circular route with two intersections where you should not be wrong.




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