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Trail Minthi mountain

If you find yourself in the western Peloponnese and particular in the area of ​​Zacharo, do not miss the chance to enjoy the trail of mountain Minthi.

trail minthi mountain 5The way to get there

From the town of Zacharo you will move east by following the provincial road from Zacharo to Bresto village. The road is asphalted and essentially it connects Zacharo with Andritsaina village. In the first 5 km you will come across Arini village. You will continue heading east to Milia village. After about 4 km, you pass Milia and 3 km later you reach  Chrysochori village. From there, an uphill course for about 3 km begins, towards the village of Minthi.

Shortly before – 500m – reach the village, the mountain Minthi (1221 m., altitude), with its curved top – Vounouka – is presented in front of you. Once you reach the central square of the village, follow the slightly uphill road on the right for about 200m. The last houses of the village are on your left.

Trail description

There, on a small slope and at an altitude of 880m. the path starts . There is no signpost and if the area is unknown, you will face up difficulty to find it. Try to move in the south direction and keep in mind that you must cross vertically a deserted dirt road.

trail mountain minthi 4The path begins with uphill slope. There is low grass vegetation, sparse trees, and terrain is quite uneven. After 500m, we enter the forest. The trail becomes clear, it is 2-3 meters in wide. Its slope is gentle, the ground is full of stones. We move towards southwest. The path gradually narrows. Its slope is increasing. There, the foliage of the trees limits the horizon.

The landscape clears up, about 1 km after. Our direction is changing to the north-east. This opening is temporary. In a while, the magic scene of  a dense forest awaits you. Ageless trees cover the sky. Leaves, stones, soft soil make up a terrain that at times can betray you.

Trail mountain minthi 5The path traverses uphill. Gradually the oak trees disappear. Small hollows take their position. The natural environment changes, the horizon opens, the ground becomes rocky. Continue to move towards the small stonemadet building in the background. There,  the top of Mount Minthi – at an altitude of 1221 meters – is.

From there you can enjoy the magnificent view, whenever favorable conditions prevail .

The path has a length of 4,250 meters and an altitude of 350 meters. There is no drinkable water or some kind of a kiosk.



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