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Stone made bridge of Plaka

The ”bridge of Plaka” was a stone arched bridge in Plaka area in the Arachthos river. Its story essentially began after 1860, when the region was part of the Ottoman Empire. This year, the old bridge, linking the sections on either side of the river, was destroyed. In 1863, with the sponsorship of the businessman Yiannis Loulis, the bridge was entirely rebuilt by the master Yiorgis originated from Konitsa. This bridge collapsed almost on the day of its inauguration.

Stone made bridge of Plaka 3In 1866, after the Sultan’s order, the bridge was rebuilt by chief master Constantine Becca originated from Pramanta. The cost of building reached the tremendous sum of 180,000 grosia.

During the Second World War, the bridge was bombed by the German forces. However, the bridge lasted only with slight damage. The locals repaired it with cement in 1943.

On 29 February 1944 the ”Plaka-Myrofyllou Agreement” was signed.

In recent years the bridge was a site attraction.

Stone made bridge of Plaka 4The bridge was one-sided, with a 40-meter-high open-top room, 21 meters high and a top opening of 3.2 meters. It was considered the largest single-arched bridge in the Balkans.

The bridge of Plaka, a real jewel, was a point of reference for the will, the architecture and the mentality of the inhabitants.

It collapsed in February 2015

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