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Chapel at Kaiafas Lake

One of the special places for religious and specific Christian mysteries is the chapel located on the very small island of Lake Kaiafa.

chapel lake kaiafa 2Kaiafa’s lake  is located in the western Peloponnese, 2 km north of the town of Zacharo. It stretches under the mountain of Lapitha and is just 200 meters from the sea. It is supplied by underground thermal waters and flows into the sea through a narrow waterway of the hedge.

Small island

In the lake there is a small island, which communicates on land through an 80-meter high roadway. In the past a hotel spa was operating, and abandoned buildings of glorious past are scattered.

On the edge of these facilities and just before the forest there is a small chapel. It is an old building, without any particular architectural or personal style. Its dimensions are about 7 meters long, 4 meters wide and 4 meters high.

chapel lake kaiafa 3The building is placed on a concrete base, has a small bell tower and its roof is covered with tiles. It is a rough construction that, I imagine, was created simply to meet the religious needs of the bathers, without claims and prospect.

However, this chapel falls far short of any expectations, the place, the view and the wider environment completely compensate us.

Only 10 meters away from the building lies the lake’s waters. The horizon begins from the mountain of Lapitha to the mountain of Minthi. The lake itself is a wetland and you will often see and hear ducks and pelicans. Also, the forest gives another dynamic with huge pines and eucalyptus to cover the sky.

chapel lake kaiafa 5It is certainly an option for you looking for something special that contains the water element.

How to get there

You drive on the road  of Pyrgos to Kyparissia. Between the village of Kato Samiko and the town of Zacharo, onto the road,  you could see some buildings. Those mainly consisted the former Raiway station. Follow the cemented road to the lake for 100 meters.



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