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Trail Agia Paraskevi Tzoumerka

The mountain range of Tzoumerka is famous for its wild beauty. In this unique scenery with steep ravines, cliffs and sunlit streams, people chose the best roads to communicate with each other.

trail agia paraskevi 2The paths for decades have been more than mere routes. They were connected with life, memories, the fate of man himself.

A splendid mountain path starts at settlement of Makrykampos towards the chapel of Agia Paraskevi. Makrykampos belongs to the village of Agnanta, located at Tzoumerka territory. 

The trail is about 2,200 meters long. It starts at an altitude of 970 meters and ends at the chapel at an altitude of 1350 meters.

How to get there

From the upper square of Agnanta village just follow the uphill road to the settlement of Makrykambos or the settlement of Katafigio. The road network is locally cemented but mainly consists of a dirt road. You will not have trouble with a common car.

Do not turn anywhere. The mountain range is always ahead of you. You pass a torrent and continue uphill.

trail agia paraskevi 3At some point [unfortunately there is no sign or post] you leave the dirt road and turn right into the wood. The car can be left at the edge of the road. If you find this point out, things are greatly facilitated.

Already on your right [south-easterly direction] you could see the mountainous shape of Kastri at the top of which you have to reach.

Follow the path.

In the beginning there are a lot of trees. At parts the landscape opens and you can find yourself in a clearing. The second part of the path is also the most impressive. The path moves through a forest of ancient giant fir trees. The light is scarce and the sky is covered by a cluster of branches and eels. Silence interrupts the action of the kneecap. Feeling ONLY UNIQUE !.

trail agia paraskevi 5Continuing uphill, we get out of the forest and get to a plateau with an icon. The mountain mass is right in front of us. We follow the path to the top. Unfortunately, the human intervention has aesthetically damaged the old beautiful cobbled path.

At the top and just 5 meters from the cliff is the chapel of Agia Paraskevi.

The 360 ​​degrees view creates the feeling that you are in the air, with the variations of the landscape satisfying even the most demanding. To the east, just a few hundred meters, there is Tzoumerka mountain range, north  Mitsikeli, and Tymfi mountain range. To the west lies Xerovouni and Amvrakikos. Easily, you can distinguish the island of Lefkas to the south.

The whole effort will take you about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Note that there is no drinkable water.


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