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Running Training- uphill intervals1

If you find yourself in a wonderful mountainous environment, it is difficult to resist in the attraction of nature. It is certainly a challenge to discover and taste natural beauties by going through the paths, mountain running - uphill intervals1forests and slopes. Magnetism is multiplied, it becomes invincible, especially, for those living in a restricted urban environment.

Hiking on mountainous terrain will not only satisfy your inner, mental world, but it will also benefit you through aerobic exercise. The latter strengthens the muscles, improves the cardio-respiratory system, helps control body weight, keeps you away from diseases and generally increases wellness.

Stress and intense pace of living is tiring. Everyday obligations do not leave us free time. Therefore, we often have to use even one or half of our time to exercise physically and mentally.

Uphill Intervals in action

mountain running - uphill intervals1An exercise program, which does not exceed 60 minutes, is: ΄΄UPHILL INTERVALS΄΄. It is a coaching plan that processes many values (endurance to strength, stroke volume, maximum oxygen volume, anaerobic ability, etc.). It’s a tiring program – that’s why it’s interesting – but recovery it’s a matter of few hours.

First you choose the space. You do not have to go to a remote mountainous place. An uphill of about 35-50 meters in height is enough. The hill of the neighborhood, or 130-200 consecutive stairs, is sufficient. Personally, I am fascinating by the inside of a high-sloped stream or an extremely uneven rocky terrain, with a 40-50% gradient.

You will start with a 15-20 minute warm up. Continue with a few stretches and 3-4 mild sprints. The net schedule includes 12 uphill of one minute duration each. Between the slopes you will rest [recovery] for 2 minutes. During this period of time you return to the starting point.

It is interesting to execute this program at an altitude of 800m. After the 6th repeat and 3-4 seconds mountain running - uphill intervals1after you have stopped, you will feel choked because of the lack of oxygen. Especially, if you try hard the experience is unique. When executing at 2000m, altitude the feeling is even more intense!

In the last attempts-repetitions you will end [at the end of one minute] with a maximum number of pulses per minute. That is also one reason this training is suitable for the trained. If you are on an average level, make sure your efforts are at a slower pace.

The workout is completed with 2-3 minutes of very slow running

Brief: 15-20 min warm up

                    3-4 mild sprints

                    12X1 uphill intervals with 2 min recovery

                   2-3 min slow running


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