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Mountainous Settlements

In Greek, the mountainous areas was closed to transportation attempts and usually stayed on the sidelines of the great cultural trends.

mountainous settlements 2In the past, the productive resources of the natural environment were not able to lead to economic growth beyond the limits of self-maintenance of the local community.

A characteristic feature of the local community living in such mountain settlements was the sharing of sources of income, the dependence of economic activity from the intensity of the elements.

The settlements of Continental Greece always follow, a model that has its roots in the late Byzantine Mystras.

The structure of these mountainous settlements ranges from dense urban formations (Zagori villages) to extremely sparse arrangement. In the latter the houses spreading to the area where the boundaries of the settlements are vague (tzoumerka villages).

mountainous settlements 3Especially in the Pindus mountain range, the need for defense, against external dangers, has helped to unite the patriarchal families in powerful settlements.

Attributes of dwellings

The dwellings were built in the most sheltered place. The houses are made of stone, the roofs are wooden covered with black stone slabs.

Many houses consist of two stores, the windows are small with circular lintels with wedge-shaped stones. The surface floor is made of wooden beams and rough planks of local wood, as well as the roof.

The rooms have a fireplace to heat the room. Magnificent homes have rooms with frescoes and wood-carved ceilings.

mountainous settlements 4The basement is used to store food and various objects or as a stable for animals. The yard becomes the center of family life in the summer and is mostly paved with a gray slab.

The exterior of the houses is described by a simple doric rhythm. Thus, their character, undoubtedly, compose a deeper relationship between building and the physical space.

The pedestrian streets are paved with cobbled streets. All houses have a south-facing facade.

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