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Hard Core Training – Tzoumerka

Where to start

In the settlement of Vatatsi, in Mikrospilia village [Municipality of Central Tzoumerka, Prefecture of Arta] and at an altitude of 870m, is the chapel of Agianni. We walk 100 meters, the dirt road heading east and meet the stream. This stream always has water and during the summer months it undertakes hard core trail 2the irrigation of the village.

We walk along the water hug, climbing through rocks and aged plane trees. The ravines are dark and ovoid, forming a unique landscape. We touch carefully the stones in this endless game of matter and water. It took us 20 minutes to cross 1 km and get to the spring of ΄΄Venia΄΄. Hidden in plane trees, it plunges with crystal clear water.

We uphill the path through a wooded canyon, it is a place of birth of gods, myths and legends. Raw nature, the slope becomes sharp, we get tired. Wild rosewood, cedar, holly, fir can and survive in the rough weather.

We left behind the forest

We reach the roots of the mountain. We move right onto a sea of rocks. Place immobile, forgotten by time. We leave ΄΄Kofteri΄΄ behind us and enter the ΄΄Hamoura΄΄ stream. In the background, Lefkada hard core trail 4clearly stands out. Wherever we look at indescribable natural beauty, it captivates us. Tilting in places forces us to use hands, stones are doubtful, we press without confidence. At an altitude of 1950 meters, icy water springs through rock, is the source of ΄΄Hamoura΄΄. It will never betray you.

A little further, we enter into a characteristic natural hollow of ΄΄Liboushio΄΄. The bountiful mountain peaks stand in front of us, they call us. We follow the path to the ΄΄Katafidi΄΄. Behind us, a magnificent landscape. The wild beauty conceals a unique tranquility. In ΄΄Pyrgos΄΄ the conditions are difficult. We have to climb the loose ground. A few meters separates us from the pillar.

We are now at the top of the mountain range, 2393m.

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