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Athamanios Running Race

Where and When Race happens

Every year, on the 2nd Saturday of August, in the mountainous area of Arta – Greece – and particular in the area of villages Athamanion – Tetrakomo, a road race called ΄΄Athamanios Route΄΄ is organized. The Athamanios Running Race 2name refers to King Athamas and to the kingdom of Athamans or Athamania, which included the wider area in the 4th century BC.

The starting point of the race is, alternately, one year in the central square of the village of Athamanio (altitude 756 m), and the following year in the central square of the village of Tetrakomo (altitude 885 m). The finish takes place at square of Tetrakomo and square of Athamanio, respectively.

The 12.2 km long route is asphalt-paved with steep uphill and downhill slopes and its maximum altitude is 1051 m. The start is about 6-6.30 pm. The dew of altitude, and the aura from the mountain is extremely helpful so that the heat is not a deterrent to an intense physical activity. There are also power stations that provide water, isotonic liquids, courage and applause.

Beauty of the Race

Along the way, the runner or walker has the opportunity to enjoy the wild nature of the park. The mountain range of Tzoumerka stretches out of the valley. Openings of the horizon to the west give a chance to see the entire plain of Arta and the Amvrakikos Gulf. Plenty of fir, plane trees, walnuts and chestnuts spread all the way. A unique  feel is given to the participants during the laborious effort.

Athamanios Running Race 3Participation is free for everyone. All those who finish will receive a medal and a souvenir diploma. Cups will be given to the first three men and women. Contestants have to be found at the starting point in time to register and receive their number. There is no registration fee. Juices, soft drinks and a small meal are available at the finish. All of that, thanks to the courtesy and laudable effort of the organizers.


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